The Numbered Mountain

Make 2018 your year!!!

We are in a quarter of the year where we take a look behind our shoulders and realize that we got older, again.

Then we come to our senses, that yes I got a plus 1 on my age but did I get a plus 1 on my goals in life?So to end my 2017 and start my 2018 I would start sharing places Ive been to.

See I’ve been having a deja vu feeling lately. Do I really want to look back on dec 2018 and see ,that damn, I have been standing on exactly the same spot as I was last year?

In short, for the whole year , every damn year I was stagnant. (As stagnant as this site was apparently. I just realized that.) Plans that collected dust in the corners. Plans to go hit the gym, overhauling my diet then sees a Mcdonalds and those plans travels south in seconds. (No one can’t escape the grasp of  double cheese burger with extra pickles. Everyone knows that.)

Most of my life was spent in the Northern part of my country so its pretty much cold up there guys and one would rather roll up in their bed and read than face the gloomy and cold outside.

Kidding aside, I mean come on guys who would ever want to have a wake up call like that? Im probably one of those people that draws a plan and stays like just like that. A drawing.

To end this year and to make a stand against stagnancy of my life I will be making plans here, posting it to make sure that this pushes true.(To prove that I do have a life outside the comfort of my books and animes)

So to give way to a new section of this blog (TRAVAILEN) I present to you .Yes, I do love the flare of dramaticss. Pushing tru

Curtain rises and drum rollssssssssssssssssss. I present



Chocolate hills of the North


The hills were covered cogon grass, if you ever visit there try to observe how the hills seems to moving. The grass bends and follows the direction of the wind . Find peace on simple things



Why the digits? Thats what I asked myself, and what caught my attention when my senior co worker invited me to this adventure. And Im like okay , Tara G!

and Im in.

The very first thing to ask obviously is when is the big day, duh  and it was decided that we would travel at exactly 11 pm  to make it with the 4 Am call time. Everyone should be  present at that time but hey as usual in every group theres alwasy that someone late.

In this case its actually an accepted reason since the organizer was really kind enough to cook for everyone and was held back by  THE universal problem. Traffic.

So if you have plans to visit there and you are coming from the National capital region, better make sure that you adjust you’re travel time.

And 4 hours fast forward we arrived there  I guess around 5 am. We were quite late but it was still dark.
we stayed at the foot of the mountain for an hour and debriefing.A huge nipa hut was built there to offer food and coffee for any travelers.  And also what I like there was that the food and coffee is actually at a reasonable price.

Mount Batong Amat dubbed Mt 387 has recently been opened to the public at the beginning of this year. Since then it has attracted a lot of soul seekers out there. Hence this trip obvious. 😂


Inner Peace


We started our hike before It hit 6 AM. the ascend was chill and since the sun has started peeking   The path was clear and easy to trek. We did reach the top in less then an hour.

At the summit mountain range stretches as far as the eyes could see around 387.9 hectares. (I’m not a  Math expert but  shoudn’t it be called Mt 388 , rounding of numbers and everything😂.)

Kalinga sa kalikasan ng Puncan
You can sit underneath this and pray , that this year or maybe next Santa delivers your “one”. Or just sit underneath coz your plain tired from the trek. You’re me time kumbaga.


Heres how tall the cogon grass could grow. This is on normal asian height. Make sure to bring gloves and get fully clothed on else you’d have to be besties with microcuts after this trip.
Watch where you’re stepping. You arent the only living beings on this side of the mountain,


Make sure to come in pair. A great shot wouldn’t hurt your social media



I’m telling you  I ain’t sellin the place but if you’re burnt out of  your work place and wants a breather or just planning a trip to the Philippines or probably want a place to shout out your stress to your boss and NOT get fired.

Bruhh You are in the right mountain.



The summit was just great,tho the descent was kinda tricky, its a total 45 slope descend so be careful.


After that 45 degrees rolling down the hills thingy, a falls opens up at the end. A quick dip is highly advised.

After a long hike and a cooling swim we had our fill of food in here. Theres a shaded area on the side of the falls where you could take a rest, eat or if you feel like it a nap.
Deep conversation with the right people,at the right place ☑checked
This ,I just had to add this. Im naming this photo SOLITUDE


All in all the trip was exhausting for a beginner and a walk in a park for an adrenaline junkie. We were back at the nipa hut around 3 pm. The place was well equipped for tired hikers and those who wanted to refresh from the trek. After that we had a service back to reality.

Also it wouldn’t hurt to know that the trip is quite cheap.
We had Pinoy Travel and Climb  handle our trip.



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