The Pillow Book

Feng Jiu momentarily fell into silence. The white lotuses seemed to have sparked something in her mind. She turned the teacup in her palm and dazedly said. “IT is said that each of the white lotuses in this pond was created from a person’s heart, although we aren’t acquianted with many mortals… Migu tell me.. Do you think Qingti would also have his own white lotus here?”


Its been quite a while since I posted something, i was just done with my board exam so this past  months have been quite hectic, anyways, to reacquaint myself with my long forgotten passion of C-novels I’ve decided to reread Three Lives, Three worlds, Ten miles of peach blossom, on Dong Hua’s story. My eternal favorite god along with  Mo Xi who had already found by Sansheng.

The Pillow Book

If you guys were living under the rock like me for the past few months, you’d also probably be late in learning that there was an adaptation on this. Though Im quite surprise they did gave it a go despite all the dark clouds surrounding this book and its author. If you were updated to the happenings on this side of this world you would have heard all these tiny bit of details, and Hamster has been quite vocal on her opinions. (No one could really fault her for that.)

Anyways I did give it a go before writing this.   All I could say is that everything was perfect. From the actors down to the chemistry of the characters, it was on point.They did give this adaptation a very careful consideration and the outcome was great…

The ONLY…… The ONE and ONLY thing I wanted to protest about was Dong Hua and Feng Jiu’s ending on the series.  If you’re a fan of chinese dramas you would have noticed that they rarely give happy endings to viewers. And for once I thought that they would spare 3L3W (Eternal love) . I guess they did since the main characters were given together at the end, but why,

Why did they have to do this ?

In the first place, I was so excited to watch the series all because I am quite biased of Dong Hua. I do prefer the pillow book than the 3L3W story so this was really quite a blow. (I wonder if it was only me.) Obviously they did change quite a few scenes when it comes to DH and FJ’s story but the general feeling was there. Feng Jiu was utterly captivated by Dong Hua and did everything in her in her power to show it, even to the extent of going to the mortal realm for him.  In the book it was only passingly mentioned why Feng Jiu went to the mortal realm but in the adaptation it was explained quite beautifully. Because Dong Hua was a high god in the heavenly realm ,and Feng Jiu was of high status herself albeit lower than him, protocols are to be followed. So when Dong Hua went to the mortal realm as reborned as a mortal king, Feng Jiu followed him to repay her debt.

Everything was really beautiful until we go to the ending of the adaption.

It was a shitty ending, and this is me saying this in my calm state. I do not and will refuse to understand why they ended in that way.  Yes they did have a happily ever after.

A happily ever after. Separately.

Where in this world is that fair. They could have just followed the book and gave our much awaited rekindling-of-their-love moments, but no instead they went for the we-cannot-challenge-fate kind of ending. (All I could do at the last episode was sigh.)

So to lick my dashed expectation, I read the pillow series. again. Its a good thing in the original storyline, Dong Hua get to have her in his very long lonely life.

An original ending is still the best one.

So here ends my ranting.  I just wanted to shout out the injustice that happened to Dong Hua and Feng Jiu that I had to post this. Sorry. anyways you can just click the link to hamster’s blog and read their story.

PS: Can I say that the actor that portrayed Dong Hua is really whabam, perfect for the role 🙂





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