Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (Episode 21)



“Today I used the last of my energy to dance for you. It’s just that I can no more wait for your Wing Spreading Ceremony”

Feng Shuang finally asks for forgiveness and in her last moments she told Tian Yi that she had known from the very moment Yi Fuling has stepped in their lives. That the emperor had already given his heart to her.

“When you look at her, your eyes had this shine on them. I knew but I wasn’t willing to believe them. I was unable to believe them”

Fei Shuang pours her heart out in regret and in love. She gazes upon her reflection and finally sees what she has come to. Looking at her image she asked Tian YI who was tightly embracing her if she had truly become unsightly. Tian Yi disagrees and tells her that she would always be the most beautiful princess of South Yudu. With that Fei Shuang takes her final bow. After her death Tian Yi immediately had Fei Shuang’s status as a princess be elevated to royal princess.


Yu Huanzheng walks out to the cold night and hears the gongs being rung from afar at the palace.  Yi Fuling hears the, four rings. Yu Huanzheng who was more familiar with their custom realizes that it was a signal for mourning in the palace.  Shocked at what she heard Yi Fuling asked if it could be Fei Shuang. Realizing this Huanzheng rushes to the palace, leaving her behind. Huanzheng sees her in her death bed and blames the emperor who was standing beside them. Blinded by grief and anger Huanzheng fights Tian Yi. Tian Yi fights him and angrily yells at him that Fei Shuang’s body had barely gone cold and here he is acting insane, With that Tian Yi left him,

novoland 21.mp4_000638249.jpg

Huanzheng mourned for her sister,

novoland 21.mp4_000653897.jpg

Yi Fuling leans on a tree and drinks herself into stupor. Bai Tingjun’s then enters and reprimands her asking what has happened. Drunken Fuling then cries in his arms asking him that she wants to return to their past where she only had him and he only had her. A time where there was nothing but honesty between them, no secrets nor lies.

Seeing her like this Bai Tingjun blames himself and asks if she wants to return with him. As he held her and said those words, pain of course had once again acted. He flinched in pain and sat away from her.  Seeing what had happened Yi Fuling asks her what was happening while Bai Tingjun warns her to stay away from him. At that moment Tian Yi appears between the treea and hears what Bai Tingjun says, He sees them together, Yi Fuling drunk as she sits closer Bai Tingjun who struggles in pain,


“Are you in pain? I’m also in pain. If you knew it would feel like this why you still broke my heart”



Yi Fuling mindless of her surroundings and of Bai Tingjun’s pain hugs him and pours her lament. She kisses Bai Tingjun on the cheeks and Tianyi witnesses this, shocked turned to anger at what he saw, Tian Yi silently withdraws leaving those two behind him.


“Why did you break my heart, But Still I like you?”

With this she collapses on Bai Tinjun’s arm.

(I get this feeling that even though she said this in front of Bai Tingjun, she was saying this words to Tian Yi. Like they said a lot of things gets said when poisons works on our body.)

novoland 21.mp4_000879447.jpg

Yu Huanzheng carries Fei Shuang in his arms out of the palace. They were blocked by Tian YI subordinates, ordering Huanzheng to let go of Fei Shuang. The men called Fei Shuang Royal Princess. Yu Huanzheng looked at them coldly.

“Did you even ever treat jer as a royal princess”

novoland 21.mp4_000883859.jpg

Yu Huanzheng walks again, telling them to stop their fake sympathy. Knowing that no words could make Huanzheng give his sister up, the men readied to use force. They surrounded then but at that moment Tian Yi returns from the forest ordering them to release the siblings. Tian Yi glances briefly glances at the siblings them yells all go them to go away .

novoland 21.mp4_001015071.jpg

Tian Yi sits alone as the snows relentlessly from the dark cold skies. He catches a single snowflake and looks around.  (This was really heartbreaking as you could see Huanzheng carrying Fei Shuang away while Bai Tingjun silently carries Yi Fuling across the heavy snow.

novoland 21.mp4_001003622.jpg

And Tianyi remains alone in his cold palace, He drinks in pain and sadness to what has become of them.)

Yu Huanzheng carrying Fei Shuang makes a vow to make Tian Yi pay for what he has done

novoland 21.mp4_001036000.jpg

Sober and awake Fuling apologizes to him. Bai Tingjun tells her that there is no need for an apology between then and if ever it was needed it should come from him. Considering that it was his fault she was suffering in South Yudu. Fuling correct him, telling him that she was well cared for during her stay there. Hearing this Bai Tingjun asks her why then does she want to leave Tian Yi.  Fuling refuses to talk instead asks him to take her back to Shuang City. Bai Tingjun agrees and but warns her that he is no longer the prince. He is just a commoner now. Fuling tells him that why would that matter, she had never cared about it before.

Floored Bai Tingjun holds her hand. This makes Fuling awkward and pulls her hand away

(Seriously poor guy, He’s like a lost puppy pulled around the nose by Fuling, pulling then pushing every time.)


Walking towards Shuang City, soldiers from South Yudu intercepts them and Feng Ren shows himself. He then tells them that he here to capture the person who had forced herself to accompany a traitor on the shura post to receive punishment.  Stating the fact that Yi Fuling had never fully finished her punishment

novoland 21.mp4_001273352.jpg

Bai Tingjun then reminds Feng Ren that even though he isn’t a crown prince anymore Yi Fuling still holds that title of Crown princess. Feng Ren then grins

“Twisting word to force logic”

novoland 21.mp4_001438391.jpg

Feng Ren counters that Fuling might be the crown princess of Shuang City in name but she is also a South Yudu Queen Consort candidate


Tian Yi appears hearing what his uncle has said tells everyone when had he ever said that Fuling would be his queen. Walking towards her, he once again said that the Harem had never been just one woman. Yi Fuling should realize this and return to him,if not, go back to Shuang City.


Bai Tingjun defends her but Fuling stops him.  As they turned away the Feng’s were put in a difficult conflict.  One wants to leave them while the other determined to capture them. Tian Yi reminds his uncle that South Yudu City has only one ruler and that his uncle had promised that to him. Then why is Feng Ren countering his orders. During the conflict Huanzheng rescues them and they escape

novoland 21.mp4_001465544.jpg

After their escape, Tian Yi went to his uncle’s palace and playing a Dried Perch zither. Feng Ren heard him and approaches. Tian Yi tells his uncle that the zither is a gift. The regent then comments that the sound produced is off due to the strings replacing the original ones aren’t  that of quality. Tian Yi obediently accepts this and offers to go to Fenglin continent to find the right string.

novoland 21.mp4_001503701.jpg

Feng Ren tells his niece to already stop his playing mind games as he had already  forgotten what had happened, and Tian Yi thanks him

(Tian Yi came with the zither as a form of an apology to his uncle about letting Fuling go earlier. And even said the “sorry” word which is great no no to him. It only shows how much he is willing to go for Fuling)

novoland 21.mp4_001517649.jpg

Feng Ren then tells him coldly that he regrets he couldn’t become a traitor again, one that hold the power by himself and regrets that due to one wring decision, Feng Ren had indulged him wrongly. He means Fuling.

Feng Ren doesn’t care if Tian Yi and Fuling has disagreement and carefully reminds the emperor once again what would happen to South Yudu if Fuling never returns

Tian Yi final says it, That he knew Yi Fuling is connected to the God of Shooting star. Hearing this the regent then asks him again if between flying and Yi Fuling what will he choose.novoland 21.mp4_001758649.jpg

“With your actions today, you already have your answer”

Tian Yi says nothing to that as he knew his was right.

Feng Ren knew the Tian Yi thinks that Fuling has someone else in her heart. That is Why he never hesitated to say those harsh words to her, to make her leave and be together with Bai Tingjun


“You were born with no wings, if you lose the only clue that we have to the God of Shooting star flower, how would you become a true emperor of the our kind.”


Tian Yi then rises gracefully and tells him that to become a true emperor he doesn’t have to depend on his wings but on his actions

“In ancient times, Emperor Yun, a ruler that used to rule both Ning and Lan continent had only one arm and that Commanding General Wei who is considered a formidable and renowned all throughout the land is basically blind. Their disabilities did not hinder them from achieving their distinction. As long as I can make our kind prosperous and give its citizen peace and good health, even if I have no wings, it doesn’t matter.”


Feng Ren claps his nephew’s shoulders and acknowledges his reasoning. He accepts what  Tian Yi had said. He is joyed and saddened at the same time as he finally tells him the main reason why they needed Yi Fuling to stay in South Yudu. That if the God of Shooting star flower ends up in the hands of the humankind, it would be a huge loss of their side. Their wingkind depends on the shooting star pollen to fly and right now their hundred year is about to come to an end. That only a little amount of the pollen is what they have left, that for a long time the 3rd rank nobility and below haven’t been receiving a pollen.

novoland 21.mp4_001758649.jpg

Feng Ren gives Tian Yi the box that contains their clue and tells him that he would try to delay Tian Yi spreading wing ceremony, he leaves the contemplating emperor


The three escapees finally returns to their safe house. Huanzheng then offers to destroy the Star ship but Fuling refuses to give in.



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