A tale of two phoenixes 凤囚凰 by 天衣有风 Tian Yi You Feng


 “the most deeply depressing thing, is no other than parting”.

                                                                            –  Jiang Yan

Time travelling has once again graced my doors.  A tale of two phoenixes is a story I would not definitely take lightly. It had an interesting twist for a usual time travelling,  authors are getting creative really, a thumbs up for this.  A far cry from the usual, this time travelling book actually portrays a polyandric relationship where the female lead has a harem of her own. (Well the previous her before the real female lead time travelled to her body). This idea had me reading this, making me curious how the she would take care of the handlings of her inner courts. We all know the general rule in a harem of the ancient C- novel. The manipulations, back stabbing, jealousies. All of the seven deadly sins in one spot really.

The story opened a bit lightly then went for the dive.  I honestly haven’t decided who to ship as I have seen no male character who would have the right to take that position yet. Thought  I am yet to discover who really the  husband is so I am  holding my shipping rights at the moment. I was actually hoping it would be him but as far as the latest updates  have revealed, Im getting a nada.

 The story is still way off the end, this had 288 chapters total onthe original context

Side note: Some people use reading as habit to make them relax, it may seem weird to apparently  quite a lot out there but it is just what it is for us.


The most famous deed of this princess was her words to her younger brother Liu Ziye.

When he became emperor, she told him, “Although your highness and I are different sexes, we are the children of the same father. Why can you sleep with so many different women, while I must be only with my husband? This is so unfair!”

And after the younger brother Liu Ziye as emperor heard his elder sister’s words, he ridiculously thought it made sense. So he immediately corrected his “wrong ways” and painstakingly selected thirty handsome youths for her to enjoy.

Chuyu, she awoke in the princess’s body and realized that she had obtained a male harem; three thousand, should she take just one to drink, or keep all of them?

(zis very weird) Synopsis: (LO, had a weird laugh at this)

The corrupt life of a corrupt princess, beginning with time travel. A free husband, along with two dozen male concubines. Sometimes staying home and organizing the harem, sometimes going out to search for beauties. On one side is the unmeasurable profoundness in the irises of the handsome youth, on the other side is the dissolute liberty on the lips of the playboy. In the shadows of the green bamboos chess pieces are scattered; on the top of the mountain peaks where streams originated poems are created.

Who is singing silently? A bandit gentleman, beautiful as jade and jasper. Whose heart is cold as ice? Yearning for a friend that understands, but unable to receive one! In between the secluded elegance and the free wildness, Chuyu ambulates……

— After traveling through time and realized that she obtained a harem; three thousand, should she take just one to drink, or keep all of them?

Credits A tale of two phoenixes.

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