Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal by Shu Ke


She walks in beauty like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies

And all that’s best of dark and night

Meet in her aspects an din her eyes.

                                                                                                – Lord Byron


It’s been a quite a while since I have read a C- novel , lately I have taken a liking to Andy Weir, The Martian. Not really a genre for those who are reading this but I thought I should mention just encase. So to restart my blog, I will stop posting recaps for the Novoland for  while (I promise to finish it once I get back to it when I have time ) and would start posting any C novels that catch my eyes. It won’t necessarily be a new one but nonetheless a very awesome one. 🙂

I give you a chuckle worthy one this time. This novel translation is really a mood lifting one, I had fun reading this. I actually printed this ,  chapter by chapter  so when I was reading it, it looks like a manuscript sort of book. I do my internship at a hospital and just imagine looks I got from my co inters and patients when I was laughing out of nowhere. PS: It was a graveyard shift so not to worry; I am not being lazy, I repeat, Lazy nada 🙂  anyways,  enough of this.

Let’s go to the good stuff.

This novel is a Shu Ke and we all know and will know if you are just a new one the  C-novel world, That she doesn’t disappoint. Never had for me anyways.

Summary to get you interested (Credits to onesecondspring)

   From the moment the heavens were born, was there any Phoenix as unlucky as her? From the start, she was a stranded Phoenix that was bullied by chickens! Luckily, she met the elegant and distinguished Phoenix King, Zhao Hua Jun. From then on, she entered the realm of the gods and enjoyed the good life where she only needed to open her mouth to be fed. Unknowingly, she saved the Prince of the Realm of the Immortals He Yue Wei, and even experienced an unexpected blessing through a disaster, by eating the internal divine essence of the previous Phoenix God and gaining the form of a person. She thought her life was finally improving, and her relationship with the Phoenix King was deepening, but who knew that everything would change suddenly? 


  The Demon King, the reincarnation of the Death God, he had the aura and power of the Ancient Gods and looked down upon the six realms. No one could control him, but in the realm of the gods, there is a rumour spreading of a prediction that will be able to seal him again…


  When Little Phoenix personally saw the reunion of Zhao Hua Jun and his old lover, she left in a fit of temper. Coincidentally, she met the uncontrollable Demon King. Should she “leave the light and head towards the dark” or “be loyal to the end”? The destiny of the three realms will be turned upside down by this Little Phoenix. It seems that deep within this destiny… is a fate decided by Heaven…





The mc has three main leads. Phoenix King, Zhao Hua Jun, the demon king and  the prince of the Immortal Realms, He Yu Wei

I was fortunate enough to find a scene translation on onesecondspring as my first exposure of this book. Meaning I was spared the heart ache of shipping the wrong lead. We all know how  that really  takes a toll n you. So to say it bluntly the main lead is the evil king.

Hear, hear! Demon king for y’all

I enjoyed their interactions, it was light, funny at the same time so sweet. The demon king is a cold hearted principled, morally upright evil guy in this story. And good looking too 🙂

His actions are really subtle yet swoon worthy that as a reader one couldn’t help but fall for him. Their first meeting was not really a knight in shining armor kind of moment. As his reputation was already bad as they come, the mc pretended to worship the demon king and was spared of her life. And the next time they met she was brought back to his realm,  a whim for him  and a new beginning for her.

A phoenix has risen

And darkness fell


The 3rd lead is an okay for me, not much since he didn’t give me much of an impression. A good impression.  That  is. On the other and it is right to say that he did care for her but I guess for some people’s ambition over shadows everything in their life even those they care for.  It’s like the golden rule in  C-novel, you get the throne but not the woman.

Going forward.

The 2nd male is a lead is a guy  I can’t truly hate.  Worthy first love are always the heaviest ones to carry and let go. You get so used to their weight, it hard to get used to get my gist eh.The story opens with him already having someone in his heart even though she was known to have disappeared.  That’s when our mc entered in his life, they did have a something, a spark but I guess it wasn’t strong enough when the woman he had loved reappeared in his life.  It’s hard to let go of someone who has rooted itself in your heart. So this prompted our female lead to go away and find a greener pasture.

Needless to say with this reasons our female lead would fall in the hands of the demon king.

Definitely no complaints here.

Chemistry is real with this pair.

My latest favorite part was when the female lead was cold, as she had a weak cultivation to begin with living in his cold palace was quite a struggle. The demon king who was leaning in his throne saw this and asked her to come closer. As she drew closer, the demon king touched her finger tips and transformed her into her a bird. Then quietly tucked her inside his robes, protecting her from the cold in his own ways.

Like I said, Chemistry is real. Awwwww

Enjoy reading

Read it here Phoenix . It has 66 chapters in total with a bit of dessert on the sides…


Okay so if you read the comments in shusheng bar. You would see that the book has two parts and A LOT of spoilers are really opened in here. The English translations is currently under constructions so from what I had understood in the comments . The female lead ends up returning to  her phoenix form and the demon kings gets “sealed” again.  But they say that the book has a happy ending so I won’t hold unto that speculation until the very last chapter was released.

Please there has to be way that  returning into a phoenix and getting resealed is a HAPPY ENDING.



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