Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries Chapter 19

“If a day comes that you have to choose between flying and  Yi Fuling, which one would you choose?”

Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (19)

The regent makes a deal with Yu Haunzheng, if he opens the box then he could have his freedom. Yu Huanzheng refuses and was tortured. Bai Tingjun was running for his life as he was being chased by the disciples of the Star court. He sees Chishu (The butterfly) and waves it to go away. The elders knew that they should capture him before they reach South Yudu City. One of the elder saw blood smeared on a tree, with that he suddenly suggested that they split up. After the other senior elder goes the other direction he cautiously follows Bai Tingjun’s path.   The elder still feels that even though Bai Tingjun had gone a different way from the Star Courts teachings, its still not enough to give a death penalty.


Fuling heard of Feishuang’s return in the palace. Seeing her The emperor took her in her arms and asked her if she was jealous. Fuling tells him a no, she feels no hatred towards the princess. Feishuang had already paid a heavy price for plotting to harm her. The princess is a proud one but for the emperor she would be willing to shrink herself like a dust (lose one’dignity).


Fuling then asks him why was she called here, the emperor then shows here the crown asking her if she is willing to have it.


Fuling nods, the emperor smiles at her then tells her that before he puts it on her, he has a secret to tell. As he begins to tell her, Fuling , startled looks around. Her hearing lets enables her to hear Chisu from afar. She knew someone she cares was endanger.  Tianyi stops her asking her who she was going to save.    Fuling knowing that she has to time to explain leaves him. As she leaves, Tianyi sees Chisu and realizes what is happening. He grabs Chisu in anger.


Surrounded by the Star Court Bai Tingjun refuses to surrender. Yi Fuling comes in time to save him and they ran away. The emperor seeing this was seething in anger. (He followed her, making sure of her safety).


One of his soldiers had asked him which side they were to take, Tianyi looks at the sides irritated, telling them why do they still need to ask. (Obviously the side where Yi Fuling was. Awwwww.Even though he hates Bai Tingjun)


As they escape their pursuers. Yi Fuling stabs Bai Tingjun. Tears running down her face as she asks him why did he kill her father. (Yi Fuling still doesn’t know of Bai Xue plans, Even after her death, this evil queen still continues to spread evil.). Bai Tingjun walks away wounded as Yi Fuling falls to the ground.

She returns to South Yudu and faces the furious Tianyi. He asks her why does the prince still has her heart while she stays besides him. Yi Fulin tries to explain but the emperor walks out.

Tianyi sees Fei Shuang and the healer tells him that the princess has only three days to live. Yi Fuling then decides to see Tiany but was told that the emperor was on Fei Shuang’s side. Understanding this she went to LaingYue residence to bring the food she prepared. Fei Shuang then asks the emperor to give her one last kiss, Tianyi agrees, giving her a kiss on the forehead, but as he nears her, Fei Shuang kisses him on the lips. And that was the scene seen by Yi Fuling.


As she ran away, Fu Ling heard Yu Haunzheng cries, following his voice she found him in a prison cell, tied. Yu Haunzheng then tells her about her father. Shocked about this learns everything. (That her father was really Jishu, of what Bai Xue had really done)


Yi Fuling promises to come and save him. She goes outside South Yudu to find Bai Tingjun and fails. (She asks Chisu to lead her to him but Chisu was only able to fly a few feet then fell to that blooded ground where she originally stabbed him. Chisu was not able to lead her to where Bai Tingjun was because on the injury on her wings making her realize that she could not find him anymore.In this episode they highlighted who many times Tianyi had crushed the poor butterfly in his hands.)


Yi Fuling returns to the palace and was greeted by the emperor, they confronted each other. The emperor asking her that if she knew that the prince didn’t actually killed his father would she have agreed to come to South Yudu in the first place. Yi Fuling had nothing to say to that and instead asking the emperor back about him  and Xue Feishuang. (The dam had finally opened lol.  )


Tianyi reminds her that he is the wingkind emperor and the harem would never be just one woman. Fuling nods and leaves him

Feng Ren visits his niece and showed him the box he got from Huanzheng. The regent also informs him that Ji Shu had originally intended to give the box to his daughter making it a large fact that Yi family had agreat connection with the God of Shooting star.

“If a day comes that you have to choose between flying and  Yi Fuling, which one would you choose?”

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