Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (Episode 20)

Love is the origin of worries and fear.  Tianyi, the more you act like this , the more you’re telling me to understand that the question I had asked you.

You already had an answer.

Yi Fuling went to see the regent and begs him to release Yu Huanzheng since he had nothing to do with what the Yue family had conspired. Since Feishuang can be pardoned why cant it also be done with him. The regent then tells him if she had forgotten that he was no longer the regent, if she truly wants to plead for Yu Huanzheng then she has to asks the right person.(Who was BTW just standing there, pretending he wasn’t listening to their conversation, how cute:))


Yi Fuling then scoffs saying she doesn’t want to talk to an unreasonable person. In that moment Tianyi scoffs and says that he could not free Huanzheng. Yi Fuling finally faces him and tells him face to face that he was going against her, if that was the case why not send her to prison too.

Goaded, Tianyi really sends her to prison, telling the guards that what ever punishment Yu Huanzheng receives Yi Fuling shall have too. Seeing this the regent look sat his niece.

“If you knew that Yu Huanzheng was tied up the Shura post, you’d probably regret the decision you just made , right? ”


Yu Huanzheng angrily curses the emperor for doing this everyone. As they were tied there a guard comes  and brings in food for her. It was from the emperor. Yi Fuling  orders them to take it away refusing to accept any kind of help from him. Hearing this, Tianyi who was silently standing behind the prison door walks away angry.


On the other hand, the regent had already made food preparations for Fuling, but then heard what had happened. He then sighs and whispers that he had prepared unnecessarily. He ordered the food brought to him instead.

“Clearly his heart couldn’t let go of her but from his mouth he pretends not to care,  ”


Yu Huanzheng calls for help as Fuling pretends to fall sick. Seeing this he calls a physician. Yu Huanzhneg interrupts him asking him to let her down first. Finally free from her holds, Fuling knocks the guard down  in one chop and they escape. Seeing this he notices how they let their guards down. (Anyone else thinking their is more to this than meets the eye?)


As they escape Pei (the regents right hand, I finally knew his name. ) orders the pseudo fallen soldier to get up and praises him for a job well done. (A job well done by pretending to get knocked out by a woman who gave her a chop on the neck.. Well done indeed :))


Pei enters the palace as the regent and the emperor were together.He inform them that the prisoners have escaped. Tianyi pauses for a moment then asks what prisoners.  (It was really cute as Tinayi looks at his  uncle’s direction like a caught thief)/ The regent then tells Pei to give an order to put them on a wanted list. Pei then says that the emperor had give a decree. Sighing (So obvious haha) the regent them reminds himself that he no longer have no power to give such decrees.(The regent was playfully testing his niece if he would give an order to post a wanted list for the Yu Huanzhneg and  Yi Fuling).


Tianyi  then tells them since one has mediocre martial arts and the other wounded, its wasteful to use such forces to find them, let them self destruct.

(so cute, haha anyways the regent knew of Tianyi plans and tired to poke the bear as they says. Since the emperor did not want to give a decree why not use the imperial guards redeem themselves go and find them. Tianyi looks at his uncle irritably and storms out the room. Pei smiles and so was the regent.)


As they settles down , Yu Huanzheng suggests that they destroy Star. Yi Fuling looks at him shocked and did not want to destroy the flying ship. Yu Huanzheng them suggest that they find Ji Shu and live together far away. Fuling nods sadly  and walks away.

The news of Queen Bai mssing for any days had already reached the Star Court. The Shuang city has already become a pot of porridge (A complete mess). Hearing this the elders had set off immediately to the Star Court leaving the disciples to find Bai Tingjun.


Yu Huanzheng confesses to Yi Fuling about the box that the regent had stolen from him. Huanzheng stops her futilely , still Yi Fuling returns to South Yudu. Returning their the emperor was nowhere to be found, Fuling went to see Feishuang, the princess lies to her telling her that her chastity was already taken by the emperor. Angrily, Yi Fuling confronts him. She gave back the necklace he gave to her and told him she already knew his secrets.


.(Even on her last moments she stills manages to cause trouble. Okay, obviously there was a misunderstanding. Yi Fuling thought that the secret Tianyi was keeping from her was about Feishuang and the emperor thought that Fuling cannot be with her because of the real reason. This is a big bunch of misundertanding, yada yada. Seriuosly, people should just have the big talk and everybody happy tsk tsk.)

She has gone again

“Do you think that I had been behaving recklessly so god sent Yi Fuling to put me in place?”

 “If its this way, then doesn’t that mean that your throne will have fallen into her hands?”

The Castle In the Sky Episode 20.mp4_001766135.jpgTianyi gets summoned to Yue residence, in their Fei Shuang gives one last dance and falls into his arms crying.

“So that I could love, I made a lot of mistakes. But I didn;t want to do that. I also hate this part of me”

The Castle In the Sky Episode 20.mp4_001817025.jpg

(People do a lot of things for those they hold dear in their heart. They may awe inspiring or just plain stupid. Fei Shuang could be called both.  Not everyone is entitled with a happy ever after. Some just gets to be happy at the cost of others. A ying to a yang. no matter what I guess I can say that there is no in shame for showing affection to those you care)


Vhimael (I did change my site address but apparently it wont redirect to my current one )


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