Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (Episode 14-18)

Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (Episode 14-18)

“We can die at the same year, same month, same day. We don’t need to suffer the pain of separation. It’s a good thing”

“Miss Yi had been playing the same tune for the past few days. Maybe she wants to reconcile with you.”

The Regent’s servants informs him of Yi Fuling continuously playing the zither, after hearing it played outside his courtyard he went to her. As she plays, a flashback of the Regents servants comes in. He tells Yi Fuling that the regents had acted that way in anger because the zither she broke was once owned by the regent’s late wife. The servant then also tells her that Yi Fuling has similarities with Yin Meng.


When Yi Fling finished the song, Feng Ren comments on her abilities, telling her that the day she had told him she was not good at playing the zither seems to be a lie. She then smiles and reminds him of his promise to grant her anything she wanted including his head if she learns to play well.

A smile gets past the regents lips then quickly disappears, He then gives her another chance. Play a game of Go with him. Yi Fuling informs him that she had quite s skill in this game.

“You must know that in this game of Go. The essence is in the word Wei or surround. Since you’re an expert in this, how come you can’t breakout of my Xuanqin Hall and see the person you want to see?

(In the game of Go,, winning means being able to get 5 stones line up in any straight lines at the same time making sure that you don’t get surrounded or blocked  by your opponent. The  regent is telling her that since she had skills in this area, it is not hard for her to escape and see Feng Tianyi )


Yi Fuling sighs as she realizes that the regent knew her real feelings. She also knew that Feng Ren (The regent) thought she was mad and wanted to go see the emperor to ask him of the truth. Since Feng Tianyi and Xue Feishuang’s wedding has spread all over South Yudu.

As they played, the Regent asks her if she could solve this round. Looking at the pieces she tells her that it is impossible.

The regent then tells her that since there is no chance of saving it, why does she insist on resisting? Feng Tianyi’s wedding will soon be held, what is the point of seeing each other when this wouldn’t change the emperor mind.


Yi Fuling finally wins and was allowed to see the emperor.

“The mortal world is like this game of Go. Friendship is just worth just half piece of paper(Very cheap). Sometimes even when you try your hardest you won’t get what you want”

“But then when you give your best, it can be more important than the results.”


Feng Tianyi drinks himself to stupor, then a servants comes in saying that the Regent has brought a gift for his wedding. Letting them in, Yi Fuling was finally able to see him.  Seeing it was her, he sends her away. Yi Fuling refuses telling him she has still something to say. Feng Tianyi tells her that she lost her chance the moment she turned her back on him and choose the regent. Seeing that he won’t change his mind, Yi Fuling backs away and cries. AS she cries her heart out, Feng Tianyi watches her on the sides.


Yi Fuling returns to Xuangqin hall, the regents asks her if she has found the answer she was looking for. Seeing him, Yi Fuling begs to let Feng Tianyi go. Feng Ren then tells her coldly that he knew she went there to beg for the emperor heart, had she said anymore that that Feng Tianyi would have definitely not live past tomorrow.

Yi Fuling then realizes that the regent knew her reasons why she chooses to stay there. Knowing this she asks him why can’t he let Feng Tianyi go.

The regent laughs coldly.

“For the throne, there is no father and no son, were just uncle and nephew, mercy  will not be given.

From then on, Yi Fuling was ordered to stay away from Qiyang palace and just stay at the Xuangqin palace. Yi Fuling angrily shouts at him, as the regent turns his back on her, his cold smiles disappears as he realizes that Yi Fuling’s expression was similar with Yin Meng.

Yu Huanxheng was finally able to piece together the object left by Ji Shu which turns up was a map.Feng Tianyi organized his personal guards and lays out there plans which will commence at his wedding.


Feishuang visit Feng Tianyi. She warns her of how futile his plans are, as they have spies all over. She knew that Feng Ren has the Golden Feather. Fei Shuang blackmails him that if he wants her to  not say a word. he has to listen to her. Feng Tianyi asks her what she wants and she suddenly starts to undress.

She knew that that Feng Tianyi’s heart was not her’s to begin with but she would not tell anyone of the emperor’s plan if he agrees to her trade.


Xue Lin sees the regent and as Feng Tianyi finalizes his plans so do they. The regent tells him that throwing his cup would serve as a signal for them to attack.

The day of the wedding comes, instead of a usual joyful festive mood, the place was tensed. Before the  ceremonies started, Feng Tianyi had ordered his personal guards to attack once the crown was placed on Fei Shuang. As he picks up the crown Feng Ren notices the shift in the mood and stops Feng Tianyi.


Saying that he wanted to say something, he orders the liquor brought out (The cup).

“In this past years, was always polite, modest and self-critical like walking on thin ice. I was afraid that any one of my decisions maybe erroneous to such extent that the government I return to your majesty might have regrets, so I would not be able to face my brother in death”

He then pours the first cup.


Feng Tianyi asks what he meant by that, Feng Ren tells him that after today he would step down as the Regent Shezheng. Fei Shuang looks uneasy, Hearing this Xuelin tells them to discuss this later as they might miss the auspicious day hour.


The regent tells him to not rush and offers the 2nd cup to him. He tells him that they both have served two emperors. That both of them wanted to be written down in history.

He then asks him if he wanted to know what his 2 merits and 1 mistake are.

South Yudu City was able to attain the golden age now because of loyal important subjects like Minister Xue controlling the general situation. First merit is the merit of serving the government. 2nd merit was for Fei Shuang to continue to royal bloodline.

Xue Lin laugh and drinks the toast, telling loudly that he will serve the regent with loyalty.

Feng Tianyi then asks his uncle what was the one mistake. Feng Ren laughs and then throws the cup on the floor. (The signal)


As Feng Ren starts to tell them of Xue Lin’s mistake, He suddenly interrupts the regent and yells that he will take the burden on killing the emperor. Soldiers suddenly surrounds them. Fei Shuang begs his brother but was taken away. As the soldiers tried to attack Feng Tianyi they suddenly collapsed. The emperor then tells them that he did not come here unprepared.

Xue Lins mocks the emperor asking how he plans to deal with his Xue army.Seeing everything gping on, the regent tells them not to rush as he still hasn’t given his gift to the emperor. As he pulled something out of his sleeve, Yi Fuling comes out of nowhere and stabs him,


Xue Lin attacks her but Feng Tianyi blocks him, they fought. The imperial army arrives and surrounds them. Struggling with his wound, Feng Ren calls for Tianyi and pulls out the Golden Feather out of his sleeve. And throws it to him, to Feng Tianyi’s surprise.


(A sudden twist of things)

Feng Ren tells him that South Yudu city should never fall in the hands if the Xue family. As XueLin arrogantl stands there, a servants informs then that the Xue army had surrendered and been arrested. Seeing defeat, Xue Lin fights with Feng Tianyi until the emperor had wounded  him seriously . Fei Shuang begs them to let his brother live, Standing by her side, Xuelin then raises his sword to Fei Shang telling him that they’d rather die together than let her fall in the hands of Feng Tianyi. Feng Ren makes his move and kills Xue Lin then collapses.


It was then revealed that the regent had planned everything from the start to get rid of the Xue family’s influence once in for all.


Fei Shuang cries in her room, as what is supposed to be a festive celebration turned into a horrendous moment. Congling comes into her room and tells her that is she wants to he could take her away from here and live somewhere where they could be together. He then offers her marriage.

Shock, Fei Shuang angrily shouts why would she marry him but then stops midway as a memory comes afloat. That night when she offered herself to Feng Tianyi, the emperor left him there, she waited and waited and she stood there someone came in from behind and entranced her with a powder. Thinking it was Feng Tianyi, she let that person sleep with her.


Congling tells her that the next morning the emperor saw what happened. Congling confessed his feelings for the princess and would be willing to take responsibility for her. Angered, Feng Tianyi severs his ties with him.


Hearing all of this Fei Shuang grabs a sword and yells at him to go away. Congling walks away leaving the now distraught princess grieving for her mistakes. Feng Ren finally wakes up from his wound. Following the map, Yu Huanzheng finds the entrance to Ji Shu’s cave. He receives a message from his master telling him that it was his now. After he bids his goodbyes to his student Ji Shu then sees Bai Xue entering a secret entrance. It was the entrance leading tot eh Sky City, He follows her there. Bai Xue senses him and ordered him to come out, Ji Shu knew of Bai Xue insatiable ambition, he stops her and in the end they both injure each other. Bai Xu and Ji Shu dies together.

Fei Shuang goes to a witch. In exchange for youth, she cursed Yi Fuling a painful death.


Feng Tianyi shows her around South Yudu up in the skies, using a flying ship. It  was name Star, meaning the Star Court.  The emperor told her that it was name Star as a thanks to the Star Court for letting meet each other.(Yep, it’s a date). He then puts a necklace on her, with a Sky grass in it to reminisce their first encounter.

As they travelled the skies, the witch’s curse sneaks on Yi Fuling and goes inside her without them knowing.


Having fully healed, Feng Ren  meets with his nephew. They cleared all of the misunderstandings and the regent told him of what the late emperor had wanted for his son. Feng Ren then reminds him of his responsibility as the emperor , asking him to think who would he choose, Yi Fuling or the throne?


The curse finally taking over her, Yi Fuling lies in bed pale as death. The palace healer boldly informs the regent of what is happening to Yi Fuling, that she was sick because of witchcraft. And a method can be done to help her. To have someone share the curse with her. Tianyi volunteers but the regent then tells him that he is the emperor and think of his responsibilities. The emperor then tricks his uncle, he drinks the potion and lays down the bed with Yi Fuling.

“We can die at the same year, same month, same day. We don’t need to suffer the pain of separation. It’s a good thing”

Yu Huanzheng goes out the cave after a month and learns what has happened to while he was gone. He goes back to the Xue resident and sees his sister. An old Feng Shuang.


As Tianyi share the curse with her, their lives get in  danger.  To counter act the curse, the person who started should be found. The regent had his soldiers find Feng Shuang. He finds her with Yu Huanzheng. She escapes and meets Congling, she kills him and escaped once again. With the traces left by the princess the regent was able to find the witch’s lair. He kills her and the curse shared by Tianyi and Yi Fuling was lifted.

27.jpgTianyi finds Feng Shuang hiding in a cave. She learns that Fuling was able to live and grieves as she is already old, what was the purpose of all her efforts.

The Castle In the Sky Episode 18.mp4_001897478.jpg

Capturing Yu Huanzheng, the regent tortures him in order to find out how to open the box given by Ji Shu. The box markings intrigued the regent as it was connected to the Star Flower deity.

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